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Each sculpture is individually handmade; a one of a kind piece. They are made of steel, stainless steel or bronze and brazed together with either bronze or silver solder.  The steel pieces are usually painted flat black.  They can be for indoors or outdoors and made to stand on a base, to hang as mobiles or to be wall mounted. The range of possibilities is as limitless as your imagination. I have created musicians, athletes and wildlife as well as portraiture and caricature. Sizes vary from 12 inches to 12 feet and pieces can be designed to fit specific spaces.

The retail price range is from $500.00 to $5,000.00 and will vary depending on size of piece, degree of detail and choice of material.

Custom work is invited and welcomed.  Please submit photos, sketches or a detailed description of what you may have in mind for an estimate of cost and timeframe.

I can be contacted at:

 E-mail:  info@rudykehkla.com

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